Video Description

About the App

  • A multi-user sales forecasting application.
  • Sales Rep for each territory updates their forecast and submits it to the Sales Manager.
  • Sales Manager consolidates the forecast for each territory to produce the global forecast.
  • Last minute changes can be made by the Sales Rep and the global forecasted can be updated instantly.
  • Benefits: Reduces the need for manual effort when producing forecasts. The slicing and dicing is done for you with the click of a button.
  • Previous forecasts can be retrieved and validated against actuals to calibrate assumptions.


  • Sales


  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Rep

Questions Answered

  • What is the annual sales forecast by territory?
  • What is the annual sales forecast by product?
  • What is the forecasted vs actual sales for the previous month?
  • How accurate were our forecasts for the previous forecasting cycles?
  • How accurate is each territory manager’s forecast?

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