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Add-ins Create Value and Help to Conserve Resources

Excel add-ins are powerful tools that can dramatically enhance the functionality, depth and overall performance of Microsoft Excel. As useful as Excel is, sometimes it’s just not enough to get the job done as timely or efficiently as necessary. Excel add-ins allow you to build upon Excel, a tool that is standard, stable and compliant with most businesses’ systems.

Taking the time to locate and implement the right add-in is a smart business decision that will ultimately save your organization an enormous amount of time, money and effort. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when choosing add-ins in order to ensure that your investment is the correct one for your organization and will produce the intended results.

Choosing an Excel Add-in

Choosing an add-in that is powerful, well written and well supported is absolutely necessary to avoiding any problems within your company’s systems. After all, add-ins are meant to simplify business, not create more trouble and headaches.

Also important is whether the add-in is intuitive or not. Few businesses are willing to spend much time training their employees on how to use an Excel add-in that is confusing or difficult to understand. Some add-ins may be useful but complex enough that more time is spent trying to figure out how to use the add-in than the amount of time it would have taken to finish the job without it in the first place.

Add-ins that offer free trials, reasonably frequent updates, and an active support system are easier to evaluate and are likely to be better coded and supported.

XLhub is an Efficient, No Risk Add-in

XLhub is a trusted add-in that integrates seamlessly with computer systems. Standardization and stability are key features of XLhub, so you never need to worry about compromising the security of your data or computer systems. XLhub is also intuitive—intuitive enough that Excel users at any level can feel comfortable navigating and using the add-in from the get-go.

For IT managers who are already up to their neck in work and projects, the last thing you need is to puzzle over an add-in that is supposed to enhance, not complicate, your work. XLhub reduces or eliminates maintenance and training time.

Function and efficiency: At its heart, this is what XLhub is about. Working hard is important, but we believe in working smart even more. Try XLhub and enjoy an immediate productivity boost.

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XLhub Helps IT Directors

I need to help the business secure data in Excel files and automate processes

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