Excel Integration: Excel to SQL Server Database Integration with XLhub

What is XLhub?

XLhub is an Excel Add-In product that enables you to quickly share data in your Excel files with your co-workers.

It does this by enabling Excel to write data to a SQL Server database.

Who Needs XLhub?

Anyone that uses Excel extensively could benefit from XLhub. If you are concerned about having too many spreadsheets or data integrity between different versions of your spreadsheets, XLhub can help. Many users suffer from the following symptoms before implementing XLhub:

  • Spreadsheets are emailed in order to share data
  • Files are saved with a new name in order to preserve history
  • Data from several spreadsheets has to be combined manually to produce reports
  • People spend a lot of time copying/pasting data
  • Time is wasted searching for the right file to work with
  • Overall, there is a concern that there are too many spreadsheets and that data integrity might be at risk

XLhub enables valuable spreadsheet data to be put in a database, and made available to other colleagues, applications and web services. Rich reporting and analysis can be performed with the consolidated data. The diagram below describes the high level architecture:

XLhub Architecture Diagram

How Can Excel Integration Benefit You?

When a business process is dependent on Excel, collaboration and speed are limited between employees. But with a data integration solution, Excel evolves to better fit the needs of a multi-user workplace.

Spreadsheet data integration eliminates the need for spreadsheets to be transferred between users, and multi-spreadsheet data integration improves information availability and allows the information to grow in usefulness and complexity.

Using Excel Without XLhub

Businesses worldwide leverage the power of Excel to build solutions, but there are some persistent drawbacks. Excel is primarily a single-user application, without the natural ability to push data to spreadsheets, ERP systems, and other applications.

XLhub enables Excel to write back to a database.

Some of Excel’s weaknesses include:

  • Data is locked inside the files
  • Lack of audit trails
  • No version control
  • Duplication: spreadsheets must be transferred (often by email!) between multiple users
  • Changes to the data are difficult to track
  • Workbooks can only be edited by one user at a time
  • Multi-user sharing often involves time-consuming re-entry and cutting/pasting

These limitations minimize access to information and decrease productivity across the workplace.

XLhub from Metric-X Provides Excel Integration

XLhub is a database solution for Excel that enables businesses to store data from Excel spreadsheets into a relational database. XLhub is an Excel data integration solution that will enhance your company’s business processes, and optimize data integration between all parties of your business process.

XLhub is a data integration solution for Excel that:

  • Frees data from the spreadsheet file
  • Makes data in spreadsheets accessible to other spreadsheets and applications
  • Provides security
  • Maintains audit trails
  • Provides data versioning

As a middleware and data integration solution, XLhub accomplishes the difficult task of unifying disparate data silos.

XLhub is particularly suited for recurring business processes, such as:

  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Status Reporting
  • Timesheets
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Revenue Modeling
  • Scenario Planning

Purchase XLhub or Get a Free 30 Day Trial

XLhub is a powerful Excel integration solution. Click here to download a 30-day free trial of XLhub or click here to purchase XLhub.

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