Benefits of Merging Workbooks with XLhub:

  • Consolidate scattered data
  • Reduce time spent compiling data
  • Accurately correlate data sets
  • Protect and track data

Want to Merge Workbooks without Cut and Paste?

XLhub, our Excel add-in, makes it easy to merge workbooks. Merging means combining spreadsheets from several workbooks into a single workbook. XLhub allows you to accomplish this task without having to do any cutting or pasting. Last minute changes are no longer a headache!

Once you have created a hub for the source workbooks you would like to merge, you can click the Save button to publish the latest data from each source workbook. Then in your destination workbook, you can simply click the Retrieve button for each source.

How to Merge Workbooks

After you have created a hub for each of the source workbook tabs you want to merge, merging is simple. First open each source workbook for which you have created a hub and then simply click the save button on the XLhub ribbon tab as shown in this screenshot:

After you click the save button you will be prompted to describe the version of data you’re about to save. Enter your description and click the OK button.

In order to retrieve the data into your combined workbook, you’ll need to create tables which have the same table name as the source hub. For example, if you had a hub for a table named DemoTable in your source workbook, you would need to create a table called DemoTable in the destination workbook as well. To do this, click the cell where you would like the table to begin, and press CTRL+T. Press OK at the prompt:

Then click anywhere inside the newly formed table and select Table Tools from the ribbon menu then enter the Table Name in the field in the upper left corner (in the Properties section of the ribbon).

Now you can connect to the hub and retrieve data! Click the XLhub ribbon tab, then click Table Management, and Connect to Hub.

You will be prompted to confirm:

Now you can retrieve the latest published data from your source workbook any time by opening the destination workbook and clicking Retrieve:

After clicking the Retrieve, you will be prompted to choose a version and can simply select the latest version (in this case, the only version):

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