Get better control over your spreadsheet models, secure your data and reduce the clutter of files

What is XLhub?

  • XLhub is an Excel add-in for data management
  • It enables the creation of complex spreadsheet models and simplifies reporting.
  • With XLhub, data in spreadsheets can be saved to a central repository (hub). From the hub, it can be retrieved into other spreadsheets or reports.
  • When data is saved, the user’s ID and a timestamp is also saved
  • Only users with the appropriate permissions can retrieve other people’s data into their spreadsheet

What Problems Does It Solve?

From an Excel Power User’s perspective, XLhub solves the following problems:

  • Files have to be emailed in order to share data
  • Files may fall into the wrong hands because email is used to distribute them
  • It is hard to compare the contents of different files and see what changed
  • Files have to be saved with new name in order preserve a snapshot of the data
  • Spreadsheets with complex models become brittle due to links and references across sheets
  • Reporting on data spread across multiple files is difficult
  • People have to be given access to entire file even if they require only a subset of the data in the file
  • Confidential data is exposed because permissions are hard to manage with Excel files

What Can I Do With It?

  • Create complex spreadsheet models that are maintainable and extensible (see white papers and our app store)
  • Simplify business processes so that people can collaborate without emailing files to each other
  • Reduce Excel file clutter. Each snapshot of the data can be saved to the hub instead of “File Save As” with a new file name
  • Build applications using Excel as the front-end
  • Easily consolidate data from multiple files

What Kind of Applications Can I create Using Excel?

See our App Store for “ready-to-go” examples. Below are some applications that XLhub was designed for:

  • Sales Reporting – Combine sales reports from multiple regional sales reps
  • Budgeting – Create a multi-user budgeting application, preserve all versions of data
  • Sales & Operations Planning – Integrate your supply planning and demand planning models into a Sales & Operations Planning application. Preserve assumptions and scenarios. Compare the output of multiple scenarios side-by-side

Is It Easy to Implement?

  • Yes. Benefits can be realized within hours.
  • The implementation steps are:
    1. Confirm you have the pre-requisite software:
      1. Windows XP or Windows 7
      2. Excel 2007 or Excel 2010
      3. SQL Server (ask your IT department, or download it for free from Microsoft)
    2. Design your spreadsheet in Excel
    3. Setup the database (get help from your IT department or watch our video on how to do it yourself)
    4. Connect the spreadsheet to the database (using the XLhub wizard)
    5. Provide a copy of the spreadsheet to your other colleagues
    6. Begin realizing the benefits!

Where Can I Get More Information?

  • See videos, white papers on this website
  • See our FAQ
  • Best of all, contact us by chat right now.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • $99/license

Power User

I use Excel daily. I am looking for a better way to manage files, create reports and secure data.

White Papers

  • Sales & Operations Planning with XLhub: Coming Soon

XLhub and SQL Server Extend the Capabilities of Excel

With Excel: With Excel and XLhub:
Data is locked inside spreadsheet files Make data in spreadsheets accessible to other spreadsheets and applications
Multi-user sharing often involves time-consuming re-entry and cutting/pasting Prevent routine cutting and pasting from multiple sources
Workbooks can only be edited by one user at a time Allow simultaneous multi-user access to data
Files are duplicated excessively to track versions and to share spreadsheets between multiple users Eliminate the need to duplicate files
Changes to the data are difficult to track Add a full audit trail to your data
No version control Use versioning to roll back changes to any particular version
Security and access control are difficult to provide Add a security and access layer to Excel

XLhub Offers Full Integration with SQL Server

XLhub is designed to fully integrate Excel with SQL Server, allowing two-way data transfer. If you depend on Excel and need to save your data to SQL Server, make XLhub your simple solution and extend the capabilities of Excel even further.

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