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Installation of XLHub (the demo, hosted version) was quick and painless. After using XLHub, I’ve found it to be an indispensable add-on for managing and sharing data.

Metric-X has some good video demos of the product in action on their website. You can download a free 30-day evaluation copy that includes free training and support during the evaluation period.

Free Vector Advisers – XLHub = Excel on Steriods

This XLHub application looks really useful. I can see its value in areas other than budgeting/accounting. For example I keep coming across organizations that use Excel for resource planning across the whole department – all managers are expected to log into a server and update a single spreadsheet containing resource forecast and availability data. The XLHub app would make the process much more efficient and transparent. How can I try this out with my client?

Jamal Shah

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