If you use Excel for storing, compiling, or sharing data, then you need to use XLhub.

XLhub ties spreadsheets together and adds security and revision history.

Storing Lots of Data in Excel?
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XLhub makes it possible to:

  • Share Excel data without emailing files
  • Combine data from multiple spreadsheets
  • Protect and track data
  • Maintain revision history
  • Installation of XLHub (the demo, hosted version) was quick and painless. After using XLHub, I’ve found it to be an indispensable add-on for managing and sharing data.

    Free Vector Advisers

  • This XLHub application looks really useful. I can see its value in areas other than budgeting/accounting. For example I keep coming across organizations that use Excel for resource planning across the whole department – all managers are expected to log into a server and update a single spreadsheet containing resource forecast and availability data. The XLHub app would make the process much more efficient and transparent. How can I try this out with my client?

    Jamal Shah

  • XLhub has the power to transform how you use Excel—it’s like turning Excel into a front end for a database.

    Mike Ebert