Share Spreadsheet Data with XLhub:

  • Consolidate scattered data
  • Reduce time spent compiling data
  • Accurately correlate data sets
  • Protect and track data

Are You Tired of Using E-mail to Share a Spreadsheet?

XLhub makes it easy to Share Spreadsheet Data. Using XLhub, data in a spreadsheet can be shared with co-workers without having to e-mail the spreadsheet or copy/paste data between spreadsheets. Furthermore, if only a portion of a spreadsheet needs to be shared, there is no need to provide your co-workers the entire spreadsheet.

It takes three steps to share spreadsheet data. Once you have created a hub for your spreadsheet, you can simply click the Save button to publish the latest data in your spreadsheet. Then your co-workers can retrieve the latest version of the spreadsheet without even leaving Excel. All that they have to do is click the Retrieve button, select your latest version and they will have the latest data. Just send the file one time and let other users retrieve the latest spreadsheet any time! No more copy-and-paste, just an easy way to share a spreadsheet.

How to Share Spreadsheet Data

After you have created a hub, sharing is simple. First open up the spreadsheet for which you have created the hub. Make sure that the person you’d like to share the spreadsheet data with has imported the hub. Then simply click the save button on the XLhub ribbon tab as shown in this screenshot:

After you click the save button you will be prompted to describe the version of data you’re about to save. Enter your description and click the OK button.

Now your co-worker can retrieve the latest data by clicking the retrieve button (also on the XLhub ribbon tab), as shown in the following screenshot:

After clicking the Retrieve button, your co-worker will be prompted to choose a version and can simply select the latest version (in this case, the only version):

No More Sharing Spreadsheet Data by E-mailing or Cutting and Pasting

Congratulations! You can end your days of cut and paste or e-mailing spread sheets back and forth. If you need to share data in a spreadsheet, you can use XLhub to do it quickly and easily.

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